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A New Journey

Part of a study of division of space.

OK, so it’s not new. I have been doing street photography for some time now. My journey started with my annual ‘step out of your comfort zone’ challenge where I push myself to learn new things. I try to choose new things to learn that I don’t want to learn but should. The new acquired skills always come in handy.

In the fall of 2012 I challenged myself to do street photography. I decided to take a one evening Street Photography workshop with Vancouver based Barry J. Brady on August 30th, 2012. I have been doing street photography ever since.

Tension shot from the hip.

The images shared in this post are from that class outing. Nothing special, but they are what got me hooked. In an upcoming post I will discuss these images, why I shot them as I did and what lessons I learned.

Why did I choose Street Photography? Street Photography can be done by anyone who owns a camera. Any camera. It can be done anywhere, in any city. But, like with other genres, there are specific skill sets required and time and patience must be invested. And again, like with most other genres, it’s important to know, understand and have an intimate knowledge of your subject!

Your subject is not just the places and the people, its all of it. It’s the people’s actions and reactions, interconnections, transactions, and emotions. And, as usual, it’s about the backdrop and the lighting and the timing. Oh, and don’t forget about the composition! To know street photography is to know human nature. And above all, you must see things unfolding before they happen to be ready for the decisive moment.

I enjoyed this part. I enjoyed being on the streets, loitering as it were. Carefree. Observing. Watching. Photographing.


I have photographed in Europe, the US including NYC and in Israel. Each country is unique, each city different, each neighborhood a new adventure. But, street photography is not just about shooting in new places. It’s about the people and getting an understanding of those people and their neighborhood. That can only be achieved by returning to the same hoods over and over again. Meeting the actors and players. Learning who to follow, who to watch and who to ignore. Along the way, you take it all in and become comfortable with the places and people and atmosphere. Ever watchful.

I want to share what I have learned on my Street Photography Journey with you on this site. I will post articles and a large reference section with links to other articles, downloads, and videos. I have posted an updated 11 Part Street Photography Workshop that you can do on your own, with a friend, or in a group or club. In the Spirit of Eric Kim’s “Open Source Photography” from which I have based the workshop, it is all available on this site for free (*please note exceptions below). I will host some inexpensive photo walks and continue to host my Street Photography Workshops if you need or enjoy hands on guidance. But either way, I hope you can join me on this journey. See you on the streets!

*Any images or articles on this site are fully copyrighted by me or their respective owners as indicated. I do grant use of my images for web based non-commercial educational use only and only with credit provided. Need my images for other purposes, please contact me as I am always trying to help out. Please don’t steal images.

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