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Part 03 – Aesthetics and Styles in Street Photography

Street photography has a plethora of different styles and aesthetics when it comes to documenting the human condition. Which styles are prevalent when it comes to street photography, and what kind of stories does it tell the viewer?

Video Lecture:

  • Week 3: “Street Photography Styles” [YouTube]: Link
  • PPT Download of video presentation: Link

Required Readings:

  • In defense of the one-liner (Blake Andrews): Link


  • Look for signs (billboards, advertisements, arrows, etc.) and try to juxtapose a person either standing next to it or walking past it.

To-Do List Item:

  • Start brainstorming for a street photography essay. Need help? Check this out Link

Further Study:

  • How to Find Your Style in Street Photography: Learn What Not to Photograph Link

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