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Part 10 – You and the Law

Disclaimer: Do not listen to anything I say here. It may or may not be correct based on where you live, city by city, province, state, and country. Laws also change and get revised. Its up to you to know and understand the law. Need help, ask the local police.

I will shortly post this Part 10 article based on current (2019) laws. They will be reviewed by a Law Firm and by the RCMP.

Required Readings:

  • Coming Soon! No, really!

Further Study:

These links will have differing information as some are US based, others UK based. It goes to show how different the laws are. Again, these may now be wrong, they may have changed. Do your homework!

  • Street Photography and The Law (UK) Link
  • Street Photography and The Law (NYC) Link
  • Street Photography and The Law: 7 things you need to know (USA) Link
  • Street Photography Runs Into New York Laws on The Right To Privacy: When Is A Photograph Of A Person “Art” Protected By The First Amendment To The U.S. Constitution? Link

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