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Part 02 – The History of Street Photography

Part 2: “The History of Street Photography”

Street photography is a discipline that has its roots since the invention of the 35mm rangefinder camera by Leica, which has helped many photographers capture the action and stories on the streets. How did the first street photographers capture moments in the streets, and what makes their photos so memorable?


  • The History of Street Photography [PDF]: Link

Required Readings (with Links to extra articles):

  • Looking at Photographs: Andre Kertesz (p 92) Link
  • Looking at Photographs: Brassai (p 110)
  • Looking at Photographs: Henri Cartier-Bresson (p 112)
  • Looking at Photographs: Helen Levitt (p 138)
  • Looking at Photographs: Robert Capa (p 146)
  • Looking at Photographs: W Eugene Smith (p 150)


  • Have a conversation with a stranger and ask them for permission to take their photo.

Further Study:

  • Nick Turpin: Street Photography, Feel the Force Link

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