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Part 04 – How to Shoot in the Streets

One of the largest barriers that aspiring street photographers has is the difficulty in overcoming the fear of taking photos of strangers in public without their permission. How can we capture candid moments of those in our society and interact with them if they approach us? How can we use psychological and sociological concepts to help us overcome this obstacle?

Video Lecture:

  • Week 4: “How to Shoot in the Streets” [YouTube]: Link
  • PPT Download: Link

Required Readings:

  • Ways of Working (Article)- Link
  • Bruce Gilden (Video) – Link
  • Eric Kim (Video) – Link
  • Joe Wigfall (Video) – Link


  • See somebody you want to take a photo of, approach them and take their photograph without permission. After taking their photograph, wave at them, smile, and say thank you.

Further Study:

  • 7 Steps to Get Over Your Fear of Street Photography (James Maher) Link

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