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Main Street

So I walked Main Street today in preparation for next weeks walk. Well, ok, so I could get a great doughnut and latte. And by the way, it was the best Peanut Butter & Jelly doughnut ever. Thanks Lucky’s Doughnuts! Another reason I wanted to head out was to use this camera as I have never used it for Street Photography. It will need some getting used to. All part of the process. Note: If you click on the images you may get some commentary and the Meta data is there!


 I know I suggested we perhaps extend the walk down some arms off Main Street but perhaps we I should have considered how I do street photography. I like working smaller areas and found myself walking up and down Main Street several times. Again, it goes to learning about the area you are working. We can discuss this option and the benefits of this vs. the benefits of walking new streets (and why you would).

Posed = Street Portraiture

I encountered some really nice people today and again it reminds me of why I love doing this. A group of three young people I approached. One shouted nice ‘Leica’. They were more enthusiastic when I announced it was a Fuji. Anyways, had a nice chat with them and a got a few posed photos.

Street Portraiture

I spotted a great window decal (that we will visit on the walk) and a young couple eating behind the glass. I took a few shoot from the hip shoots but as I walked along, noticed I had missed it. 10 minutes later walking the other way I went back and they were still there. WTH I thought, and decided to properly frame and get the image I wanted. Took a bunch of shots. Then I went into the café and spoke with them. Ali and his companion were really nice. I let them know about this site where they may see the image.

I encounter a young woman with red sneakers I really liked. Quick, ask if you can photograph them. Sure she says, I get a few shots and then she introduces herself as Jen. I let her know about the site. I received a tanks and a big smile.

This is Jen in her Bright Red Shoes!

I must have spoken to about 20 people including a shop owner and my barista. When walking the streets, if you go where and when people live, rather than when they are at work, you get the real people. You get couples together. You get the friends having fun, or the two characters walking into the Weed shop. People are doing things, instead of being on their way to or from work, in a hurry. If you visit the downtown business district week day, yes, you will have the ‘Vancouver’s not very friendly’ crowd. Visit where people live their lives, smile, and you will meet the very nicest people!

Missed the shot. Its at f/2.2 (check your settings) and shot from the waist while walking.

A great afternoon.

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