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Part 09 – Ethics in Street Photography

There is often much controversy over the ethics when it comes to street photography. Are there boundaries when it comes to street photography? If so, when is a street photographer too obtrusive? Where can one draw the line? Are there ethics in street photography?

Video Lecture:

  • Week 9: “Ethics in Street Photography” [YouTube]: Link
  • PPT Download of Video Presentation: Link

Required Readings:

  • Mike Avina: “Expression Always Has Costs: The Issue of Street Photos and Ethics”: Link
  • Nick Turpin: “Why is he pointing his camera at me?”: Link
  • Brouhaha in Sweden following Award to Paul Hansen for his Image of Fabienne Cherisma: Link
  • Photojournalism isn’t always as it seems (Video) – Link


  • Go out in public and ask 3 people to pose for you a certain way. Write about their reactions in your weekly journal.

To-Do Item:

  • Final street photography essay and images due on your blog.

Further Study:

  • Is Street Photography Ethical? Link
  • Street Photography Ethics and Respect Link
  • The Ethics of Street Photography Link
  • An interview with Eric Kim and the BBC Link

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