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Part 08 – How to Edit Your Work

The term “editing” is often confused with “post-processing.” Editing is the act in which a photographer selects his or her best images and lays out their images in a sequence that he or she feels best tells a story. How can a photographer decide which images are their strongest and get rid of the weaker images?

Video Lecture:

  • Week 8: “How to Edit Your Work” [YouTube]: Link
  • PPT Download of Video Presentation: Link

Required Readings:

  • Eric Kim: “The Importance of Letting Your Photos Marinate”: Link
  • Eric Kim: 15 Tips How Street Photographers Can Better Edit Their Work: Link
  • Nick Turpin: “Edit, edit, edit”: Link
  • Editing your portfolio by Zack Arias: Link


  • Go out for an entire day and go shooting. When you go back home, select your best 3 shots. Then go back to your portfolio and select the best 3 shots you have ever taken.

Further Study:

  • 13 Steps for Editing Street Photography in Lightroom from Start to Finish Link

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