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Part 07 – The Power of the Image

Street photographers can make their viewers laugh, cry, be afraid, or think about the context in which we live in. How do images influence the lives of the viewers, and how can a photographer create a compelling and story?

Video Lecture:

  • Week 7: “How to Shoot in the Streets” [YouTube]: Link
  • PPT Download of Video Presentation: Link

Required Readings:

  • Looking at Photographs: Robert Doisneau (p 172)
  • Looking at Photographs: Robert Frank (p 176)
  • Looking at Photographs: William Klein (p 180)
  • Looking at Photographs: Garry Winogrand (p 188)
  • Looking at Photographs: Josef Koudelka (p 202)
  • Reading: Evan Walker articles (will be provided)


  • Walk around an area for a neighborhood and after taking your first photo, wait five minutes until you take your next image. Repeat this until the hour is over.

Further Study:

  • Under The Influence of Walker Evans Link

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