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Part 01 – An Introduction to Street Photography

Street photography is a unique type of photography that has been around for nearly a century. What exactly is street photography and how does it differ from photographic ethnography, reportage or documentary photography? What makes it so special and unique, and how does it help us learn what it means to be human?

About the required reading notes – Please read the material first (the ‘Link’) to get the most out of the notes. The notes are my thoughts on the required reading material.

As I go through the class material, I also update the Resource Pages and add links to the Photographers, Artists & Philosophers page. It is a worthwhile investment to study these masters.

Required Readings:

  • Photography and Sociology: Introduction by Howard Becker [.Doc File]:  Link  /  Notes
  • Eric Kim: What is Street Photography?:  Link  /  Notes
  • Nick Turpin: Street Photography Pie (street photography vs documentary):  Link  /  Notes
  • Nick Turpin: Undefining street photography:  Link  /  Notes


  • Go do some Street Photography!

Further Study:

  • Eric Kim: Why Shoot Street Photography?  Link  /  Notes
  • City Academy: Documentary Photography vs. Street Photography  Link
  • Street Hunters: “Street Photography vs. Documentary Photography” – Why Photojournalism and Street Photography are not the same thing. Link

Students are encouraged to share any new or excellent resources with others. Let us know and we can add to the classes or the reference page. You can also share Images and Questions in our FaceBook Group.

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