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I was walking along and noticed these two employees in an animated discussion, I took a shot but needed to get over to the right a bit more to get more of the gentleman in the background. It literally took 1 second, pushed the shutter, too late, I was spotted. That's how much time you have to get the shot, or not.
This was from my very first outing in a Street Photography class I took in 2012. I noticed her and she seemed so tense. Like if she had a lot on her mind. I wondered if I could capture that. I ran up along the group she was walking in or with and shot from the hip while I walked along. From the look on her face and the noticeable tension in both her hands I think I got it!
From high above
Street Portraiture
Non-stop Selfies!
Jen's Bright Red Shoes!
Einstein knows...
Devastating E-mail?
Wedding Pics on the busiest bridge in NYC!
Another friendly couple braving the weather.
Keep the kids dry
A quick break!
Eiffel Tower from Trocadero Square
Leading Wires?
Wow, I'm shooting in NYC across the street from this restaurant using a 70-200mm lens. The woman in the center, dead center, second row back is staring right at me. They can spot the big gear.
Can't go wrong
Someone owes him!
One of our Street Photographers in the back.
He wanted his photo taken!!